Friday, September 21, 2007

Valley of Flowers

We loved reading this notice and making more plans....

The memory of this pristine Paradiso still lingers.....! Entering this protected region - looking at the endless meadows filled with all these wild flowers - this visit was worth it...all my short breath, burning pain in calves....hunger, thirst ,cold - worth every efforts to be able to see VOF in this lifetime !!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Special Guest

* If your team has lost a game so beside standing on the side and cheering other team - this is another way to kill time. Quite pleasurable ...ehan....!!
* I was told that this butterfly is " SPECIAL guest" @ Holmes Farms -Ranikhet :)
* No I am not in hiding, am well ( & pleasantly tired) just too much travelling these days. Been to Ranikhet then to Valley of Flowers up in mountains ( Yippie...done it done it !!) . Now again packing my bags ........!
Hope to be back with all of you soon & catch up.....!!
Stay well ...!