Saturday, March 31, 2007

Khimsar Fort Palace - Rajasthan

Last bit of pics from Khimsar fort .View was superb !!
( Will visit this place again...!!)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Luncheon with King

- All pics taken at the property of - Fort Palace - Khimsar( Rajasthan)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Faces ....!!

This guy was natural - he knew I was cliking his pic...and he readily agreed for a price ( 10 Rs...& my sibling gave him 50 Rs because he was getting all nostalgic ( jerk#$?) about Rajasthan .....I rolled my much it went inside me and have refused to come back to their sockets...)
The framed pic in his hand is of a local saint " Ramdev Baba" ( No not the Yoga guru) from a place called as Ramdevra( near Jaisalmer). I remember the Big fair ( well I was very young evrything use to look huge and big to with lots of small canopied stalls. I use to love peeking into these stalls - though I was not allowed to touch or throw tantrums in front of these stalls...( Oh I hate when someone curbs my natural talent of drama...he he he..)
This year will be travelling that side as well to relive the past.... and yeah then can even comment on sz of the fair as well....if nothing else...!!

A shop on the way to Osiyan ( Jodhpur - Rajasthan)

Note - All the pics which I am posting these days are take from Osiyan/ Jodhpur and near by areas in Rajasthan.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just 1 hr late...arghh...!!

I love sunsets...and this time we were in such beautiful rustic setting...totally off beaten tracks in Rajasthan...( and just trying to find the perfect sanddunes - a prerequisite which our guide felt was necessary...OMG ) we just saw the sun dipping and vanish....??? while I kept on saying don't die ......!!!

In the end he kept on saying - Bana sa 1 ghanta late chalriyan hain....( We are just 1 hr late :(

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Old Books and Book shop...

The Attic

These were such clinchers @ 5 INR per pc. Yippie...these were the books which we use to term as contraband ( my parents use to call this stuff it was so much fun to get these smuggled into home and reading at late night .....he he he)

Surprises which you find while scouring the place for old books...very interesting...on this book I found somebody's budget plan for Jaipur...!
One lovely memory of Jodhpur is visit to Book shop " Harish Book World" - this was at one time famous for second hand books ( Now the family has diversified into Modern shaped Book store @ Jalori Gate as well as publication on their own....)
However I just visit this place which is located near clock tower ( ghanta ghar) and you could smell the old books, touch the yellowed pages. There is something about hands down/ passed on old if beside the books character they also have a story of their own ....totally unknown to the current holder.
I picked up Guy de Maupassant ( complete short stories)
I have few books from the author and I just love his writing ,however not the complete works so it was good to get this copy.
Kahlil Gibran ( Prophet 1983 edition - which makes it my 3rd copy - I have a extra copy which I was thinking of gifting , however that would have meant losing on original it was good to get this version beside my travelling copy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Charger for the Warriors...Destination Rajasthan!!

- I love open jeeps..however only in Rajasthan you can think of travelling in this open top vehicle.
- Wind on your face, sun beating down on your head...sand dispersing underneath the tyres...this is truly amazing. During my growing up years , we were really use to do many outdorsy stuff...backpacking , camping ..sleeping in the desert...seriously its so much fun to sleep watching zillion of stars up above in sky....and trying to catch shooting stars....!!
- 3 day weekend stay in Rajasthan this past weekend and I am craving for more........

Friday, March 09, 2007

Small Recounting

Well was very gruelling trip...that goes without saying. Infact I would like to know which company sends you to have whale of time....( If anyone knows of such...let me know I need to send my resume' there - pronto ,

Few good highlights ( One always manage to get few....)

Shopping -

I am not a big shopper, not because I don't want to but its the case of never enough I bought simple calligraphy pens and brushes and some nice ink pots with lovely colors.
Look at the picture below these are "Original Tibettan" brushes and they have jewels embedded on the grip. They cost roughly 200 $.
And just in case you are thinking I bought these...nah...please see above where I have clearly mentioned never enough mony to buy....! The one which I got costed me $4.00
( I am sure everyone is breathing normally by
Though these pens were if you can't buy it click it !!

Meeting my old school friend

I think now I know why people say "Old School Friend" I think all of us were in school long time back...just in case anyone wondering my age...I forgot counting at 16 :-)
So it was good reunion. I am glad I was able to spend some time with family.
And this pic is of my friends kid - He was Lil Monster. Very entertaining. I think most of the kids are...atleast at that stage.

Stop Over

Yup I had almost more then 14 hrs of stopover at Hong Kong. So I decided to venture out and do sight seeing....!
Hmmm ...altogther not bad !!
I will be posting the pics on my other blog - Gypsy feet !! Happy watching !

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Back Home....!

3 Things which I really look forward to when I am back home -

1) My Mom's cooking.

2) My brat of a niece giving me huge hug ( pls read strangulating me 1/2 to death) becos she is so happy to see me !
She is the only one !
3) Honking on the I have developed those nerve of steel ( buffalo) for what???