Friday, March 23, 2007

Charger for the Warriors...Destination Rajasthan!!

- I love open jeeps..however only in Rajasthan you can think of travelling in this open top vehicle.
- Wind on your face, sun beating down on your head...sand dispersing underneath the tyres...this is truly amazing. During my growing up years , we were really use to do many outdorsy stuff...backpacking , camping ..sleeping in the desert...seriously its so much fun to sleep watching zillion of stars up above in sky....and trying to catch shooting stars....!!
- 3 day weekend stay in Rajasthan this past weekend and I am craving for more........


Sigma said...

Wow! lucky you!!
Waiting for more pics :-)

Cuckoo said...

You are very lucky. I envy you. Seriously...

I too love open vehicles.. be it car or jeep.
Never been to Rajasthan's desert area but would definitely make it one day before I sleep. :))
My cousin went there on a 10 day school trip & he says it is so much different & fun.

Kalyan said...

Really lucky one to have been in such a beautiful mind is just craving for the adventure.

All the beautiful landscapes in this beautiful earth has attracted me a lot- the mountains, the seas and the desert, although mountains remains the favourite with its thrills...stay well!

Bendtherulz said...

@ Sigma - Sure...coming...!
@ Cuckoo - don't envy get me know when you want to take the trip...will help you whichever way possible.
@Kalyan -Oh how many times I thank god for letting me see all the amazing places. There is so much to see . Actually Mountains are my first love too...!