Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jamali Kamali

- This small arch with mantle apparently was used as a lighthouse , since this place is in the middle of nowhere , used as a place for prayer this high lamp post would have been an indicator during the night. On the main arch you can see the lotus buds - confluence of cultures.

This illusionary wall - another amazing pc of work of Early islamic architecture. Quoran verses are inscribed on the walls.
This mosque was built in 1528 - Court poet Jalal Khan was initiated into sufism by Shaikh Samauddin - and the story goes that - his teacher suggested that Jalali which was his pen name (which means - awe inspiring) if you change the word "Al" to "M" ( Jamali) - the word takes on a new meaning as ( Love Inspiring/loveable).
So who was Kamali ??? Later.......!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The perfect dome !!

Well almost perfect dome - in 1528 the mosque & tomb of Jamali Kamali's was built. And this shows the top portion where they were able to support the dome by adding extra quinches. If you see in between the top side arch and centre one there is an extra bar.
However with these mathematical quinches add ons( 8 /16/32) gave the shape of domes as ONION Tops.They were not perfectly round.
Building tombs - generally when we rest a body for final peace - they should have the open sky facing them, so why the tombs were built ?
Everyone gets succumbed to that feeling of " How to get to the level of Immortal stage" - architecture is one such way to inspire awe . However closed confines of a building would have meant going against the teachings of religion. So if you stand inside the tomb and see upwards -you do get the sense of vastness. Then they use to have star and moon crecent carved so it was like facing the open sky.
And last trivia - most of the tombs were started before their actual death... so basically these rulers were seeing their grave site being dug in front of them.... ( whow- at this my jaw dropped...) and on serious note - if some overzealous fan comes and tell you that he would like to build " Taj Mahal" for you - do not feel flattered :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Era of Sultan Balban

Arches opening on all 4 side - leads to the ruins of Balban's Tomb.
Standing tall since 13th century - tomb of Sultan Balban
Thanks to INTACH Delhi Chapter ( The Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage) - they organize these walks. Our leader was young enthusiast who loves to talk , and very categorically told us that this walk could become bit long........( How long.....??)
I really liked the way she explained on various aspect ( least on dates, I mean we got the century placed correct and thats it) However small things which she narrated in story mannerism was fun.
Like in this case what we know about the Sultan Balban was that he was quite stoic/ austere & frugal Moslem ruler. However some of the features on his tomb were so much in opposition to what has been believed about this ruler. Like the usage of red sandstone which would have costed him a lot and then the feature of tile work( quite frivolous....lol) ( which was less then 1/2' - poor guy people dissecting that as well)
Why this tomb lies in ruins - apparently the walls were not able to support the heavy stone work while making the dome on top of tomb.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lil steps in past....

Sometime we take so much for granted. Like living in a city which if all stories to be believed - was establised and restructured (amidst all the blood bath which ensued) 9 times....! You walk pass by certain monument every day ,not realizing that you are seeing a part of history passing by....!

So finally I took this walk in past starting from 12-13th century......

First fortification in Delhi
Early settlements of Rajputs ( warrior clan) or you can say last of them.
Arrival of Moslem rulers
And then British...!!

More to come.....!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy weekend

This was my expression ( scowling) when I saw the money grabber trying to push the pup.

I am ok now and can laugh ( on the scenario) gosh this guy was shoving the pup really hard and when I scolded him he started patting ....and really trying to show as if he really cares. What a crackpot !! Though ,I don't blame him - I am sure it would be sort of beyond him why we are showering so much love / care and attention on street animal.
Lil one ( Ganu) is kk - I took him to vet and he said its normal for pups to puke ( like coliky maybe?) - when I shared the incident with Shiks she asked me what is pup doing - and I said he has dozed off...and she says -" Bandar" ( as in monkey)....lol...!
Thanks to all of you dear friends for cheering for lil pups. Will be posting on their updates soon next week.
Have a nice weekend ~
Cheers !!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lil' bundle of Joy

Happy n Healthy ...thank GOD !

Baby what you are trying to do with Shiks hand...

This one is real naugthy ...right now playing.......

* x0x0.....

Dreaming away... :)
* These lil' babies are 27 days old. 6 in number - except two ( they are also recovering - finallyVet has declared them out of danger - Thank God !!) rest all 4 are really growing well and are looking so cute.....!
* So these days these are our new found love....lol..
* We have to find them home , new names...so lots of work....its worth it...every single minute spent with them & taking care of their need....!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Going Home

* Clouds are hanging ...

* Need conveyance to run .....to home.....!

* Thank God....lets row...quickly.....!

- Very unexpected showers in our part of world...yesterday and today - we got thunder/ heavy rain.....hail.... (???)
- We became proud parents - my inclusion was recent......so will be doing whole story on my kids...! They are adorable.
Just send lil prayers please - as they are right now struggling for their survival. Thanks.
Have a happy weekend .....!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why do I seek Bouquet ?? I can have branches full of flowers greeeting me every morning !!

Pic taken from the balcony of our flat !!

On separate note -Soul searching and some conclusions -

I can be sarcastic ....( @ very unexpected places....)

I can be rude as well...( and ignorant of the fact as well....!!!)

I look very foolish when I realize those 2 above points......yikes...!

Fly away...birdie !!

They were going home and I was also suppose to take the flight back home.......only difference I was on my own.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sun going down

This time of the day - some how....................................................not enough words ...........!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A different life...

- Church
- Loved the blue house tucked amidst all that greens!

- Well... we lost however the spirit has not died.....sport field is in between 2 lake tributary...which made me think what if your ball gets dropped into water....???
- House Boats ( All pics taken in Alleppy backwaters)
* This was different life and another lifetime....!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This was taken in Alleppy - Kerala , traditionally the boats resemble the ones in current pic. However ours was covered , had an airconditioner , 3 rooms/ one dining hall and a TV ...& was partly powered as well Whow talk of time change...and luxuries. I tried my hand on navigating the boat, however seeing the guy using a long oar.... and steering the boat...amazing...and for me oooff...nah...not possible ...something best to leave to experts !!