Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Era of Sultan Balban

Arches opening on all 4 side - leads to the ruins of Balban's Tomb.
Standing tall since 13th century - tomb of Sultan Balban
Thanks to INTACH Delhi Chapter ( The Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage) - they organize these walks. Our leader was young enthusiast who loves to talk , and very categorically told us that this walk could become bit long........( How long.....??)
I really liked the way she explained on various aspect ( least on dates, I mean we got the century placed correct and thats it) However small things which she narrated in story mannerism was fun.
Like in this case what we know about the Sultan Balban was that he was quite stoic/ austere & frugal Moslem ruler. However some of the features on his tomb were so much in opposition to what has been believed about this ruler. Like the usage of red sandstone which would have costed him a lot and then the feature of tile work( quite ( which was less then 1/2' - poor guy people dissecting that as well)
Why this tomb lies in ruins - apparently the walls were not able to support the heavy stone work while making the dome on top of tomb.


tlc illustration said...

So many beautiful posts! The puppies! The geese. The pansies. The history! (I'm still feeling very excited about old, historical places right now...)

Your blog is always a delight to read.

And if it ever looks like I'm heading to India, I'll let you know. :-)

Sigma said...

Oh wow!! This sounds so interesting!!
I have been intending to join one of those walks for a long time, but some how I always have something or other to do (and if not, I am just plain lazy) :-(

Btw, what about your trip ?

Merisi said...

I am with tlc illustrations, I love to come here, always something interesting going on!
Besides the really shocking tidbit, that the building collapsed because somebody miscalculated the weight of the adornments, I find the construction of the arch in the first picture most unusual. Could it be that the huge keystone was inserted in a later time, it looks so rudimentary compared to the rest of the sophisticated architecture.

JV said...

Lucky you. You seems to going places :)and thanks for regular visits and comments on my photoblog.



Kalyan said...

Some wonderfully captured & framed shots...Nice to revisit history once again.

kairospix said...

thanks for sharing with us more of this place with pictures and with words
p/s thanks for dropping by my photoblog and your feedback!

Bendtherulz said...

Thanks to all for your beautiful comments , much appreciated !! This was really good opportunity to explore the City and knowing about the same.

@ TLC - Please most welcome to India !
@Sigma - lol...its kk , may be in september since temperature would be much better then now...!
Trip is bit hanging on a thin thread - priority is pups and finding home, we hope to get them settled by this week, after that will plan something.
@ Merisi - You are right , its actually not dated when that fall took place, was it when it was built or before the dome was getting added on to the walls. Or may be some other ruler wanted to add extra to the structure and became over ambitious.
@ JV - pleasure is all mine.
@ Kalyan - I knew this would interest you , considering you present Calcutta so beautifully ( all aspects - hope you are doing ok healthwise)
@ Kairospix - Your pics and words are such wonderful source of inspiration...I love to visit your blog just to read stories! Thanks so much for coming here.

Ash said...

Excellent images. I love how the first one is framed!