Monday, May 07, 2007

Sun going down

This time of the day - some how....................................................not enough words ...........!!


Merisi said...

Sunsets are magical.
I was born and grew up on a large plain, where you can see the sun til the very last moment when it disappears from the horizon. I am partial to places like these.

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmmm.. Sunrise & sunsets are the two I can never bored of clicking.

BTW, have you done something to the pictures ??

Sigma said...

Beautiful pictures!
On my Goa trip, I couldnt manage to see the sun setting into the sea even a single day :-(

Sigma said...

May I offer a suggestion. Merge your two blogs ... you anyway usually post your travel tales here :-)

Kalyan said...

Nice to be back again here with some really lovely lovely captured shots & Yeah I am recovering now & nothing too serious. Thanks for your concern. Bye for now...stay well!

little indian said...

Really nice photographs.

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Love the first picture - I like how you have the leaf in the foreground and sunset in the background.

Bendtherulz said...

@ Merisi - Thanks me too spent formative years in desert area....and sunsets were magical there....!
@ Cuckoo - Yeah, isn't it - just reduces us to tears...silence...and so many 100's of other emotions which you can't express.
Not I am aware of - you see what I click...all my pics - either bad/ good/ quality wise - they come straight. Let me know what you want to convey, I know you are straightforward he he he ..!
@ Sigma - Gosh - I can imagine your frustration, Goa is also so magical.
Well - the other blog is for all International travels , even the Floral/ Fauna...anything I have taken pics outside India goes there !! This is for my Indian Travels & general musings..!
@ Kalyan - hey thanks for coming here , when you should be at home resting...! I hope your travel to my blog was not too tiring...yikes couldn't even offer any refreshment to to know that you are on road to recovery.
Deeply Touched Buddy !!
@ Lil Indian - Thanks, your words mean a lot to me.
@ Thanks Pooja , its strange - when I clicked that pic, my whole focus was on the sunset. I never saw that prongs of Palm. Later when I saw -even I was amazed.

Thanks All for coming !!