Friday, May 11, 2007

Going Home

* Clouds are hanging ...

* Need conveyance to run home.....!

* Thank God....lets row...quickly.....!

- Very unexpected showers in our part of world...yesterday and today - we got thunder/ heavy rain.....hail.... (???)
- We became proud parents - my inclusion was will be doing whole story on my kids...! They are adorable.
Just send lil prayers please - as they are right now struggling for their survival. Thanks.
Have a happy weekend .....!


Sigma said...

Very beautiful photographs!!
Is the last photograph taken in sepia mode, or are these the real colors?
Eager to hear your story :-))

Cuckoo said...

Beautifulllllllllll !!!

You inspire me to post all my pictures of sunrise/sunsets.

Same question as Sigma... is it in sepia?

BTW, Have you checked my Web Album ? Added some recently.

Keep clicking. ;)

Kalyan said...

WoW...some beautifully captured & composed shots...absolutely wonderful!

Merisi said...

Oh Bendtherulz,
that is the most beautiful post ever, pictures and words. I hope everthing goes well, and my prayers are with your little family.
Big hug,

flowerchild said...

The 3rd pic is just sooo beautiful ! :D
Hope all's with the family :)

Bendtherulz said...

Sigma and Cuckoo - They are as they were clicked...!

Thanks Maria - your words are so dear to me. Family is doing well and gaining strength - its me and my colleague those who are getting stressed!

Thanks all !!

Soozcat said...

Best wishes and prayers to you.

cinderelly said...

sooo lovely!

Cuckoo said...

BTR, What had happened if I may ask ?