Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank God......... 1

For lovely sunsets in mountains .......!

How often you and I
Had tired the sun with talking
and sent him down the sky
(WJ Cory)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up in hills....finally !!

* Finally I made the trip to Mukteswar (where else but my second home- I always say -मुल्ला की दोड मस्जिद तक और मेरी मुक्ति तक ) this past weekend and it was such a relief to see the extended family and hug them and get loads of love and care in return. I feel quite rejuvenated and posting my fav pic from this trip.
Lets catch the golden pot at the end of rainbow..... :)..... Mountain Goat said ... and I said - hmmm ...let Pagan come as well and in November all of us can go in search of same !!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Peace Prevails in Pink City !!!

*** I just cant come to the terms that somebody would try to harm this heritage city !! Its so beautiful and friendly .......!!!!!
** My offerings to all those who have got hurt.
*** Till midnight we were trying to call all our contacts ( we have huge contact base due to our work) and trying to check if they and theirs were all ok. We were fortunate to get reassuring news. And our hearts went for those who were not that fortunate.
*** Thanks "Lil Indian" for your concern- I am ok ( bit in shock though). This week I was not scheduled to go to Jaipur. Thx Again.