Friday, April 27, 2007

Tring Tring :-)))

Pic taken @ Marrariculum - Kerala

* Our city is turning to be more friendly for bike riders and pedestrians ( keeping my fingers crossed), Govt is planning to make some more corridors & tracks around the city route and this would reduce the pollution, crazy driving, honking....and I am all for it. The day it happens I will actively take up my bike rides ( upto office...cheers !!)
* Thats one aspect of my childhood which I miss, till college I use to do biking like MAD. We came to city and frankly scant regard for pedestrians and bikers put me off this sport - relegating me to couch and watch "Tour de France" and cheering for Lance Armstrong. ( Not that I mind watching...however I like doing stuff on my own as well...)

And it was fun cycling in Kerala and seeing a different lifestyle , see villages and meet people....( look for a shop which would sell Banana chips and fresh Toddy...he he he ...)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dare Devils...

- We jumped into river from 50ft high cliff.....

- We climbed the cliff and rappel down....( and yeah descent is not always very smooth & stylish, you might end up hanging in mid air trying to get your position took some cruel
- I slipped while climbing the waterfall ( boulder was too slippery)

- Power Game

- Oh oh...somebody needs to figure the right direction ( Kayaking)
These were the sports which we enjoyed in Rishikesh. ( Atleast the mentionable

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kewl Kitty...

I found a friend in this Kitty - her name is China ( pronounciation was like cheeena...) we fed her scrambled eggs and milk...I think she will miss us ! Though our hostess said we spoilt her dog and cat by giving so much attention.
Dog's name is " Masti" - Joi de vi-vre ( I am not kidding that would be
( You can see the Ganges flowing in the background..)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Say it with flowers....!!

Back and came to earth with thud....still I was smiling on Monday on pleasant memories and all the good fun we had. ( I think all of us were looking silly with grins stretching ear to ear :-)
More pics to come.... and very small recounting...!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Looooooong weekend.... :-)

Breaking for long weekend "Chutti" ( Holiday) - Its Good Friday !! And after that no chutti for next few looking forward to some unadulterated fun....this weekend!!

Me and my friends we are heading to Shivpuri ( Rishikesh) to flex our muscles...on the oars...and fight our way through River Ganges !!

Yup - White water rafting !!
Will share the pics...once I am back !!
Till then stay well and tk care ~
(photo courtsey - Wikipedia....again taking loan...till I get my own

123.5x 2

It was double whammy - just kidding... Tagged by 2 people this time...Observer & Cuckoo.

- If you want to know what this tag is all about - please refer to Observer & Cuckoo's pages and refer to the FAQ's over there. Its been done very nicely....and makes much better sense then me trying to do amazingly shoddy job.

- If you are looking for link to their site...please come back after 3 I am hoping that they come back and pay a visit here and you will find the link...

- In fact I was actually leaving all of you with just a nice pic of these 2 books which I am currently reading...and if you are reading all this can easily pick one of them in book shop...and read those pages...on your own...and please write me the content....( whow amazing idea....yeah I would not mind contributors...)

And with this my bright idea has been spent...and I didn't wanted to get HIT !!

( Pg - 123)

Likewise it is reported that one day Moinuddin held a mystical audition-meeting to which he invited many dignitaries of the town. Each of these men brought large sized candles as their contribution to the illuminations of the meeting; and to the astonishment of all Moulana carried the smallest possible candles. None said anything, but side-glances of amazement were excanged; for some attributed the fact to miserliness, whilst others frankly thought that Moulana was mad. All this was not lost upon Moulana, who ultimately observed that his small candle was really the "Life sap" of all the giant candles brought by others. Those who were friendly to Moulana agreed with him, but many others dissented; whereupon Moulana said :
"If you do not believe what I say , you can have the proof' ; and saying that ' acting' ; for, lo, the whole hall was plunged into drakness - for Moulana had extinguished his own little candle. Then the Master lit his candle again, with the result that all other large candles came to life again automatically: to the utter bewilderment and amazement of all.
The Non -believers acknowledged their mistake and then the mystic audition swelled anew with great force; so that the meeting lasted the entire night - all the larger candles having been used up, the little candle of the Master still burned as before, losing none of its lustre or its substance.
Many became Moulana's disciples that day.

(BTW - there was no was just one story)


THE PROPHET - Kahlil Gibran
(Pg -last one...)

" A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me."

( The para was of one line....)


I had a dream....!!

I was tagged way back in Feb by Sigma to share 3 dreams ....I actually get here we go...

1) While rappelling down a steep cliff , I think at some point I got stuck...some techincal fault on rope ( which never happens however in Nightmares...these things do so yeah I am middle of nowhere literally...trying to tug at the rope...and so much raring to go down....and my impatience level is I didn't break the rope...being an ever & ever Optimistic person...I start ROCK they say - yeh nahin to woh sahi....( if not this ..then that )......yeah however I recall my "Frustration" and I think I was really reaching my break point...when I turned the course of action to something else...!

2) Second one also gave me our office we have this nice way to send off people when they quit...( I am not even going in direction where people are asked to leave....) so may be this was egged on by that event ...god when people quit - we throw a small get together and mostly people get nostalgic about their work and colleagues...afterall its " Work Marriage" relationship... and they talk about good experience...I am kinda shy...and most of my conversation starts with big...hmmmm or ummmm..( like Stage fright) - so I saw that I had quit....and since I knew the tradition - prepared a speech...( yeah yeah it's almost Oscar night !!) and at last moment...all the words got erased from my mind...and I am sorta fumbling in my pockets...for this speech...and not finding...and then you see "Out of Focus" people...and I saw many....Bloated....with bulging eyes..and then it sort of merged into I am below the water surface and there are people on top....Yikes...!!

So when I got up....I shared this S***** dream....and everybody in my family ??? And I said ok decided- if I quit - I am not giving any speech......I will keep eating Samosa.....( Pig -oink

3) Last one...Phew....oh boy...and this one is its I saw....I saw...actually it was trying to find words for this tag...might have started A REAL BAD NIGHTMARE...- so I saved myself...and wrote this pc...instead !!

Now to tag few people.....

- None ...nah...if anyone interested....and has lots of free time...please take on this Nightmare...oops...Dreams....!

Night Night :-)

Clock is ticking....

Only 8 Hrs to go......................!!

Can't wait... :-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Only 1 and 1/4 day to...go through......!!