Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ON THE ROADS - 28/12/06 -01/04/07

- This was in Chittor in evening when we were just checking out the town. I found this so cute "Banta" moving shop.

- There are some words which are typically from Rajasthan - "Joganiyan"- which roughly translates as " I don't care"

- Arms shop ( all decorative ones) before you enter Chittor.

- Before turning towards Jaipur-Ajmer highway , clicked these pics of far distand Aravali hills and pruned trees.....!

- Another shot.

- You find these unusual sights - our Road companions - 2 buffalo taking a ride in a truck.

Monday, January 22, 2007

More pics from Mountain trip

- Some more pics from my trip way back in Dec 06. We saw some ancient temple ruins which are right now getting a face lift.
- Us around the bon fire and warming our feet.
- Our igloo shape home - I couldn't believe when I saw the pic - it really came nice.
- I loved that huge bell with all names etched.
OK done....!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Before leaving for my vacation I downloaded music from " Anwar".I just fell in love with songs. Full of sufism and soft lyrics with full bodied vocals.
- Maula mere maula
Very beautiful lyrics, start is really nice. Check out the number of instruments which has been played. They have used saarnagi with gunghroo and khartal....!
- Anwar instrumental
Very soft flute...with beats !
- Bangla Khula
This was sung with such gusto. Totally Nautanki style and with very deep meaning .
-Dilbar mera
Fusion styled & ok...this style is there for a long time...so ok!!
- Javeda Zindagi
Sad undertones in this song.
- Jo maine aas lagayi
To be truthful I haven't been able to find this song in my list till last week.
Incorrigible ain't I :-( Few lines but good ones.
Good pick for collection.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jeep Safari in Kumaon region

* Trishul Peak
* Hanging from the edge...lol...

* My erstwhilefrndz -Lobo/Burfili & Tipsy from L2R

* This was the dog who barked at me....

* Ammmm - they were so cute buying the toffee...

* Bangles

* Painting with switch ....????(see LHC)

* Majestic Deodar

*Bon Fire

* Autumn Leaves

Roughly our Itinerary looked liked this( 23rd Dec -26th Dec '06)

Nainital -Ranikhet Binsar(1700m) – Pandav Kholi(2550m) – Mukteshwar (2315m)

Day 1: Arrival at Nainital
(on bumpy /smelly/Night time Antakshri going on crowd State Bus),
Departure to Binsar Mahadev, near Ranikhet ( 96 km.).
o/n in tents near Binsar Mahadev.
* ( And you better hone your cooking abilities ....lol....just kidding we traveled in style with cooks and entourage' )

Day 2: To Pandav kholi ( 2550m.) 60 km. by road & then trek 3.5
Km. from kukuchina (one can meet Har singh ”shikari” here, who killed many
man eater tigers, leopards & panthers in this region.
o/n at Pandav kholi in tents.
*( I met the Grand Daughter of Shikari Har Singh - when I asked the kid if I could take her pic...she started crying , then I took the pic of dog without asking & he barked , barked...( silly Dog huh...) - I suppose it was not my day -whether I was polite or not...)

Day 3: Trek down 3.5 km. then drive 5 km. to Dunagiri temple, then 14 km.
drive to visit Dwarahat,& drive 122 km. to Mukteshwar.
o/n at Trishul Orchard Resort, Mukteshwar.
*( Tired Nah...however I really appreciated the modern technology which somtime I take so much for granted starting with very basic hot water and electricity & one more thing Bingo /Burfili/Lobo/Tipsy really stored my faith in me....)

Day 4: Near Mukteshwar practice your skills of Rock climbing, Rappelling , evening departure to your home.
( Dah ...back already.....yeah chuttiyan badi jaldi khatam ho jaati hain....but wait.....silver lining - off to some more vacation time.)

- Saathi - 4 shehar se +3 Pahadon se ( 4 from city and 3 from Native Mountain)
( Ajnabi jo saathi ban gaye - all of us met for the first time.....!!)
- Vahan - 4 pahiyon wali jeepwa ( Sumo )
PS - It was good to meet you Mountaingoat , I can't thank enough for making all the arrangements , so simply thanks a ton for your friendship!!