Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baffled.....underdogs or Non achievers??

Are we as Indians love sub standard so much that we are championing anything....are we sort of so much in awe with underdogs or feel so much in common with non achivers that we are making them " Our champions" No offence to any artist - however the live shows like dance shows or the singing competition where we should be raising toast only to the " Top performer" we are letting the winner be so short of the requiste that its downright infuriating.....! I was so disappointed when recently I saw the winner of a dance show so much out of sync in all the performances and the lady who should be deserving the title got away with being ranked meager 2 nd place.

Just recently, I saw this movie " sea biscuit " again it was all about underdog coming cropper. However it was truly a very inspiring story however nowhere they showed as if it was not truly a feat of conquering all the odds stacked against both the horse and his rider.

It would have been so much nicer if only a true deserving artist would have bagged that series....after giving such brilliant performances in all the episodes.....I was left with a very sour taste that late evening...!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving on........

We are moving to a new swanky work place....oh yeah...that's what we are told. But what if I love the place where I am right now....and this feeling is so much shared by my other colleagues. Oh no.....I am really p**** at this change.

The place we are right now - its so cool. It doesnot even look like as if it's a work place...seriously it is so fun to come to work. We do not see any of the crowd, its green all the way around us. We take coffee or sutta or angst /gossip breaks at this huge patio and see all the people those who are coming in/ out of the office......personally have advantage over others to have this huge window next to my work station - which just reflects only the long trees and clear sky. During monsoon the view is so breathtaking , somtime bunch of us will sit on top of the desk and look out , order some pakoda / samosa ( yum)....yeah crazy bunch..... and we dare since we are on top floor bit away from the Mgmt's eagle eyes....
I think since all of us spend almost like 1/2 of our adult life at work stations these are little pleasures which makes it so much easier to carry on the day and sometime...what get on your platter....!

I think I am so much outdoory kind of a person that just to think that now I will be working all cooped up with no access to sunshine....bohooo.....will shrivel and die....!

Removing all the articles/ pics/ knick knacks....have this Sun God on a stand minitaure antq brass pc - it seems ( this is weird to even mention) - that has some ferocious expression on his face as if he is is not liking getting shifted from his coveted place......!

Only silverlining peeping through this is that we will be quite closer to some of the good foodie joints and I suppose we will be drowning our sorrows in evenings...... Cheers....!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cool quotes around us....

1. Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.

2. Opportunities multiply as they are seized. ( By Sun Tzu)
* My take on this one.....trouble as well..... x.....!

3. Whatever you do don't wake up at 65 years old and think about you should have done with your life.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dasht e' Tanhai....

Dasht e' tanhai mein Ai jane jahan Larjan Hain
Teri aawaz ke sae, tere hotoin ke sarab
Dasht e' tanhai mein, doori ke khas aou khak tale'
Khil rahein hain tere pahalu ke saman aur gulab
Uth rahi hai kahin kurbat se tere saans ki aanch
Apni kushboo mein sulagti hui Madhaam madhaam
Door ufak paar chamakti hui katra katra
Gir rahi hai teri dildar nazar ki shabnam
Is kadar pyar se ai jane jahan rakha hai
Dil ke rukhsaar pe is waqt teri yaad ne haath
Yun guman hota hai garche hai abhi subahe phiraq
Dhal gaya hijra ka din aa bhi gayi vasl ki raat !!

This beautiful piece of poetry was written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
( May be I understood the meaning bit too late......)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sunshine bring tears to my eyes....

Sunshine bring tears to my eyes........
It plays with my hair and teases me... befriend the breeze and ask her to caress me.
My Hair blows in the wind....- hides my face ... smile plays around the corner! Mind you it is just a smile, it has come after a long time------- aeons ago it was always there , from my lips to my eyes to my heart.
These days only sometime it plays on the corner of the lips.... but never reaches my eyes!
Sunshine bring tears to my eyes........

Prescription for Peace

Don’t try to save the world. Don’t try to save others. All that just adds to your job description.
You have sufficient challenge in your life just learning to embrace your own experience. Life has given you plenty to chew on.
Nobody comes into embodiment with an empty plate. Everyone has at least a scrap or two to digest (some have seven course meals! But I’m not going to point any fingers!)
Don’t be discouraged by this. Since each person must deal with what’s on his plate, let him deal with it as happily as he can.
Don’t interfere in the lives of others or you will have a second or a third helping to dispose of. Stay detached from what someone else does or does not do. Don’t even have an opinion about it. Just let it be.
Don’t borrow someone else’s experience. Don’t try to give someone else your experience.
Sleep in your own bed. Prepare your own food. Clean up after yourself. Practice taking care of yourself and let other do the same for themselves.
That is your job. You are not here to do for others what they must do for themselves. Your job is simply to be present in your experience as fully and as magnificently as you can.

_____ Credit for this pc goes to R from OZ_______________!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tibetan philosophy

Purifying the " MIND" is not easy . It takes a lot of time and hard work. But this is also true of any human enterprise. You need tremendous will power and determination right from the start.
No matter who we are or where we live, we all want happiness and dislike suffering.
The " KEY" to overcoming suffering and ensuring happiness is inner peace. If we have that we face difficulties with calmness and reason, while our inner happiness remains undisturbed.