Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prescription for Peace

Don’t try to save the world. Don’t try to save others. All that just adds to your job description.
You have sufficient challenge in your life just learning to embrace your own experience. Life has given you plenty to chew on.
Nobody comes into embodiment with an empty plate. Everyone has at least a scrap or two to digest (some have seven course meals! But I’m not going to point any fingers!)
Don’t be discouraged by this. Since each person must deal with what’s on his plate, let him deal with it as happily as he can.
Don’t interfere in the lives of others or you will have a second or a third helping to dispose of. Stay detached from what someone else does or does not do. Don’t even have an opinion about it. Just let it be.
Don’t borrow someone else’s experience. Don’t try to give someone else your experience.
Sleep in your own bed. Prepare your own food. Clean up after yourself. Practice taking care of yourself and let other do the same for themselves.
That is your job. You are not here to do for others what they must do for themselves. Your job is simply to be present in your experience as fully and as magnificently as you can.

_____ Credit for this pc goes to R from OZ_______________!!!

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GuNs said...

This really is the smartest thing I've read/heard in a long long time. I mean, I do most of this and I see how easy it would be for the world to be a better place if everyone else did the same.