Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baffled.....underdogs or Non achievers??

Are we as Indians love sub standard so much that we are championing anything....are we sort of so much in awe with underdogs or feel so much in common with non achivers that we are making them " Our champions" No offence to any artist - however the live shows like dance shows or the singing competition where we should be raising toast only to the " Top performer" we are letting the winner be so short of the requiste that its downright infuriating.....! I was so disappointed when recently I saw the winner of a dance show so much out of sync in all the performances and the lady who should be deserving the title got away with being ranked meager 2 nd place.

Just recently, I saw this movie " sea biscuit " again it was all about underdog coming cropper. However it was truly a very inspiring story however nowhere they showed as if it was not truly a feat of conquering all the odds stacked against both the horse and his rider.

It would have been so much nicer if only a true deserving artist would have bagged that series....after giving such brilliant performances in all the episodes.....I was left with a very sour taste that late evening...!

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