Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bird Life @ Corbett

** Shrike ( Thanks Arun for providing the info )
** Serpant Eagle
** Pheasant

- Well as I mentioned in my previous post that we never got any birdies for me and you..... :))

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fools Rush In..............

** Another Happy Day !! And I am waiting so patiently for my dream partner to come along ;-) I know in this anonymous world and so many crusaders those who want to keep their identity as secret -may be posting my pic so openly might invite "Invitations Galore".....however when I have said NO to any situation.....!!
** Rulz Bender awaits patiently .... :))) with these words ~~
Flowers every night
Blossom in the sky;
Peace in the Infinite;
At peace am I.
Sighs a hundredfold
From my heart arise;
My heart, dark and cold,
Flames with my sighs.
(Rumi -The Mystic)
(ps - Hey swtheart thanks so much for this brilliant pose, i knew that you could see a kindered soul in me- I hope i didn't hurt your eyes too much -sometime when i pose that long it hurts - I am sorry and muwaaaah.....!)

Oh Dear ....No Tiger :(

** Yup no Tiger/s for many chases in the wild...yielded just the pugmarks :)) -if nothing else we all learnt how to make those pugmarks !!!However we saw a tuskers (what an achievement!!)Well I have to admit bird life was amazing. With almost 400 species out there (that's what the brochure said) I manage to see only ...hmmmm 5....6...ok 7...!!
Hope to post those as well day !!