Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh Dear ....No Tiger :(

** Yup no Tiger/s for many chases in the wild...yielded just the pugmarks :)) -if nothing else we all learnt how to make those pugmarks !!!However we saw a tuskers (what an achievement!!)Well I have to admit bird life was amazing. With almost 400 species out there (that's what the brochure said) I manage to see only ...hmmmm 5....6...ok 7...!!
Hope to post those as well day !!


joshua said...

This is the very best animal blog I've ever visited!



Cuckoo said...

Animal blog ?? What kind of animal you are ? lolll

BTW, ye cheating hai. Itne dino baad and just the intro ?

Bendtherulz said...

Thanks Joshua for your compliment. Though I think there are more in this blogworld.
Thanks for your visit , please do come again. I will be posting some birds as well !!

Hey Cuckoo - Ehan you want to know what kind of animal am I -Right !! Well since you are a birdie who loves tiger -you would like to know that lol....I think I relate to cat species - can take a nap anywhere/ my escapades are ever famous .....and I relate to # 9 a lot !! So thats it !

Hope to get into groove ...soon !!

indicaspecies said...

Wait till you read my post on Bandavgarh. Yet to start writing

These pictures of the endearing chinkaras (spotted deer, aren't they?) are lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Will be waiting for your other beautiful pics of the animal world...these one's are very well captured too...lovely!

Bendtherulz said...

@ Indicaspecies - Thanks, just checked your blog. You are on chutti will await once you are back. And yes they are Chinkaras.

@Kalyan - Thanks so much !!