Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jeep Safari in Kumaon region

* Trishul Peak
* Hanging from the

* My erstwhilefrndz -Lobo/Burfili & Tipsy from L2R

* This was the dog who barked at me....

* Ammmm - they were so cute buying the toffee...

* Bangles

* Painting with switch ....????(see LHC)

* Majestic Deodar

*Bon Fire

* Autumn Leaves

Roughly our Itinerary looked liked this( 23rd Dec -26th Dec '06)

Nainital -Ranikhet Binsar(1700m) – Pandav Kholi(2550m) – Mukteshwar (2315m)

Day 1: Arrival at Nainital
(on bumpy /smelly/Night time Antakshri going on crowd State Bus),
Departure to Binsar Mahadev, near Ranikhet ( 96 km.).
o/n in tents near Binsar Mahadev.
* ( And you better hone your cooking abilities kidding we traveled in style with cooks and entourage' )

Day 2: To Pandav kholi ( 2550m.) 60 km. by road & then trek 3.5
Km. from kukuchina (one can meet Har singh ”shikari” here, who killed many
man eater tigers, leopards & panthers in this region.
o/n at Pandav kholi in tents.
*( I met the Grand Daughter of Shikari Har Singh - when I asked the kid if I could take her pic...she started crying , then I took the pic of dog without asking & he barked , barked...( silly Dog huh...) - I suppose it was not my day -whether I was polite or not...)

Day 3: Trek down 3.5 km. then drive 5 km. to Dunagiri temple, then 14 km.
drive to visit Dwarahat,& drive 122 km. to Mukteshwar.
o/n at Trishul Orchard Resort, Mukteshwar.
*( Tired Nah...however I really appreciated the modern technology which somtime I take so much for granted starting with very basic hot water and electricity & one more thing Bingo /Burfili/Lobo/Tipsy really stored my faith in me....)

Day 4: Near Mukteshwar practice your skills of Rock climbing, Rappelling , evening departure to your home.
( Dah ...back already.....yeah chuttiyan badi jaldi khatam ho jaati hain....but wait.....silver lining - off to some more vacation time.)

- Saathi - 4 shehar se +3 Pahadon se ( 4 from city and 3 from Native Mountain)
( Ajnabi jo saathi ban gaye - all of us met for the first time.....!!)
- Vahan - 4 pahiyon wali jeepwa ( Sumo )
PS - It was good to meet you Mountaingoat , I can't thank enough for making all the arrangements , so simply thanks a ton for your friendship!!


Sigma said...

Nice pics .... and nicer captions :-))
Seems like you had a wonderful vacation.

Now waiting to hear about your new year vacation soon too !!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Oh no, I'm not envious. In fact, I'm quite grateful being able to walk the streets of Vienna.
Darn! Looks like you had a great time. I'am envious after all. Pleeeease, post more pictures.
Happy New Year and always safe roads ahead,

Sigma said...

Lost, eh ?
In what, that is the question ;-)

Bendtherulz said...

@ Sigma - Thx hope to post Rajastha pics very soon ....before 26th Jan as then I take my next trek trip...

@ Merisi - Will send on yr personal id....! I was hoping to put Rajasthan as my next pics post....where I spent my new year.
More Himalaya will be up by end of I am taking a short trip to Mukteshwar as soon as I am back from my trip.

@ LOL..... u can say that....just boring official trip....he he he which is keeping me away from u guys...darn...

Sigma said...

Next trekking trip ?
Hey I am jealous. simply plain envious of your good luck at getting to travel so much :-)
And here I am, fixing bugs or rewriting code written by someone else ages ago ! boohoohoo ....

Vikram said...

hi, i found it today, so dump pahari friend u hav.