Saturday, January 06, 2007


Before leaving for my vacation I downloaded music from " Anwar".I just fell in love with songs. Full of sufism and soft lyrics with full bodied vocals.
- Maula mere maula
Very beautiful lyrics, start is really nice. Check out the number of instruments which has been played. They have used saarnagi with gunghroo and khartal....!
- Anwar instrumental
Very soft flute...with beats !
- Bangla Khula
This was sung with such gusto. Totally Nautanki style and with very deep meaning .
-Dilbar mera
Fusion styled & ok...this style is there for a long ok!!
- Javeda Zindagi
Sad undertones in this song.
- Jo maine aas lagayi
To be truthful I haven't been able to find this song in my list till last week.
Incorrigible ain't I :-( Few lines but good ones.
Good pick for collection.


Sigma said...

Nice commentary ...
But when did you post it ? It didn't show up in my reader, and I think it wasnt there on your site till yesterday ?

Bendtherulz said...

U r right on both accounts, may be it is to do with draft method. I had posted some pics around the time when I was leaving for Germany thinking will work on this once I am when I wrote my comments and posted - it reflected on Jan date.

If you get the chance pick this music...its nice.

JV said...

Last saturday I watched beginning of the moive and I could not finish the movie, as I had to leave.

But the concept of movie is quite disurbing. Grave misunderstanding, an innocent muslim is considered as terrortis.

I will watch the entire movie soon.