Friday, April 27, 2007

Tring Tring :-)))

Pic taken @ Marrariculum - Kerala

* Our city is turning to be more friendly for bike riders and pedestrians ( keeping my fingers crossed), Govt is planning to make some more corridors & tracks around the city route and this would reduce the pollution, crazy driving, honking....and I am all for it. The day it happens I will actively take up my bike rides ( upto office...cheers !!)
* Thats one aspect of my childhood which I miss, till college I use to do biking like MAD. We came to city and frankly scant regard for pedestrians and bikers put me off this sport - relegating me to couch and watch "Tour de France" and cheering for Lance Armstrong. ( Not that I mind watching...however I like doing stuff on my own as well...)

And it was fun cycling in Kerala and seeing a different lifestyle , see villages and meet people....( look for a shop which would sell Banana chips and fresh Toddy...he he he ...)


Cuckoo said...

So we have our Indian Lance Armstrong here...lolll

Tell me if someone wants to see Kerala, how long should be the vacation ? Don't say lifetime !! That answer I know.

Min. 2 weeks I guess ?

little indian said...

Oh yes.
The good old Raleigh cycles.
Nothing fancy, strong and sturdy,
one had to sit up straight as a ramrod.

A friend and I used to ride
from our college residence
to the airport
for "Shingaras"
and tea in "Bhnars" the little clay cups.

We would talk about our futures.
Or sing songs, tunelessly ofcourse.

I am glad you are into extreme experiences. You can only do it when footloose and fancyfree.

I enjoy your escapades by proxy. :)

Ash said...

God's own country!!!

Kalyan said...

Just too tempting!...bicycle ride in the country side along with the Banana chips & I think also coconut water, I just can't resist the temptation to visit my own countryside in Bengal.

Bendtherulz said...

@ Cuckoo - hardly...{ sheepish :)}Yeah 2 weeks are ok, however now the timing is not right...- I love all seasons right now it was hot & humid and rains...but most find it too harsh so safe bet would be October onwards.

@ Lil Indian - I am glad and loved your ride down the memory lane...!
Hmmm - its not easy in Indian scenario to get that fine balance. I would say I generally follow my heart's call and coupled with that a very understanding family and crazy friends those who always managed to get me down to simplistic life. I am enjoying every bit of life -Bless them !!

@ Ash - yeah God's own country - every trip leaves you craving for more.

@ Kalyan - I am glad - look forward to hear on your ride...

Sigma said...

Hmmmm ... I dont know whether to be happy for you for your luck, or be envious of you for it ;-)

flowerchild said...

I thought it'd be a looooot easier riding a bike in a place like kerala, considering that the traffic's lesser. But then i remember that everything's pratically on the roads there, no foot path n stuff, unless your on the highways ! But i guess its kinda different down south (of kerala...more developed? )

lol @ the banana chips and toddy....daily visits to the kallu shaap huh? :)

Bendtherulz said...

@ Sigma - What?? Ab to aapko Rosemary chai pe invite karna hi padega with PANCHACHULI as back!! Itna envy mat kariye.....shahar ki sadke itni safe nahin hain...jitna mera enthu hai :-)

Flowerchild - yes recently they have made pukka roads - however the traffic is increasing in Keral as well - we were actually living close to a village so it was still not that rush.
Kahan..daily visit...just 1 visit I hope you are not asking for other