Thursday, April 05, 2007

Looooooong weekend.... :-)

Breaking for long weekend "Chutti" ( Holiday) - Its Good Friday !! And after that no chutti for next few looking forward to some unadulterated fun....this weekend!!

Me and my friends we are heading to Shivpuri ( Rishikesh) to flex our muscles...on the oars...and fight our way through River Ganges !!

Yup - White water rafting !!
Will share the pics...once I am back !!
Till then stay well and tk care ~
(photo courtsey - Wikipedia....again taking loan...till I get my own


Cuckoo said...

Bon Weekend !

Bon Voyage !

Sigma said...

Hey! I wanna go too!!

Kalyan said...

Ri..Shi..Kesh......I jus't wanna' go there, it's so inviting, although you go there a thousand times, but I can share with you something, in this short gap, I was off to Shillong & Cherrapunjee, two beautiful hill towns...anyway stay well!

muddy red shoes said...

hello! have fun rafting, I am off to surf your blogs now!

muddy red shoes said...

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Sarah x

Bendtherulz said...

@ Cuckoo - Thx
@ Sigma - kk - if you are serious will send you itinerary next time.
@ Kalyan - I agree Rishikesh is like classic place..! Whow - not bad...Shilong definitely on my list as well. So are you posting more pics....will be checking yr blog.Tk care

@ Red Shoes - Thanks for dropping. I was amazed as the minute I came out of your blog...and I see the message reflecting here...!
Yeah - even I thought that's how one would do on conversion...I wanted to be sure. I will email you few other things...!!
Thanks for coming & I have to tell you that how much I enjoyed visiting your blog....its really inspirational.

JV said...

Lucky you, my summer vacation will be wasted as I won't be going anywhere in this summer.

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Wow! That is one water sport I have always wanted to do but have always chickened out.