Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jamali Kamali

- This small arch with mantle apparently was used as a lighthouse , since this place is in the middle of nowhere , used as a place for prayer this high lamp post would have been an indicator during the night. On the main arch you can see the lotus buds - confluence of cultures.

This illusionary wall - another amazing pc of work of Early islamic architecture. Quoran verses are inscribed on the walls.
This mosque was built in 1528 - Court poet Jalal Khan was initiated into sufism by Shaikh Samauddin - and the story goes that - his teacher suggested that Jalali which was his pen name (which means - awe inspiring) if you change the word "Al" to "M" ( Jamali) - the word takes on a new meaning as ( Love Inspiring/loveable).
So who was Kamali ??? Later.......!!


Ash said...

Wonderful images. Great color and detail!

Kalyan said...

Some well captured shots & a nice little documentary...well done & btw, Waitin' for Kamali...!!!

Cuckoo said...

I am glad you have started the narrations also along with the pictures.

Waiting for more !!

Sigma said...

Nice pictures, and very interesting info. And I agree with Cuckoo ... it is great you have started including more info with the pics.

muddy red shoes said...

I love the pictures too, must visit one day, I can see paintings already!

hebzzz@hotmail.com said...


i came across your photograph through a google search, titled "the illusionary wall"...very interesting description!

my dissertation questions such argument...on ones perception, and how our brains get tricked...

you described this wall being "illusionary"...
i would like to find out how exactly you built up the full composition of such illusion that evolved through your movement...?
can you describe what it was like walking through this wall?

i myself believed that it was at least a couple of meters deep...'a false corridor'!
this has lead me to consider the difference between what the eye sees and the actual space it is looking at, particularly highlighting that one’s eye can see a space to be true even though it is in fact illusionary.

the way you referred to such a space, visually rather than physically...underlines the division between those two spectrums (the visual and the physical)in experiencing such a virtual space.

i refer to ‘the illusionary wall’ here as the ‘niche’, since that’s what it is; just a recess in a wall! or one might call it a ‘false corridor’. here, it depicts the illusion of an extension to the existing space, almost creating the sense of a "super space..."

ann veronica janssens – an extract from an interview with michel francois, eyes lies and illusions [the art of deception]2004

she describes a ’super space’ as: the spaces without space, places for the captive of light...spaces conceived as springboards towards the void.”

...I look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards,
heba layas
london, uk