Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why do I seek Bouquet ?? I can have branches full of flowers greeeting me every morning !!

Pic taken from the balcony of our flat !!

On separate note -Soul searching and some conclusions -

I can be sarcastic ....( @ very unexpected places....)

I can be rude as well...( and ignorant of the fact as well....!!!)

I look very foolish when I realize those 2 above points......yikes...!


Cuckoo said...

You have a wonderful scene fromyour balcony !!
One more pt for feeling jealous.

Good self realization. :)

Sigma said...

Hmmm ... good to realize yourself sometime, isnt it ;-)

I love gulmohar flowers .... all so bright and bursting with color ..... adding cheer to an otherwise dull summer scenery

wanderer911 said...

Howz it going mate? Planning for Leh this year?

Bendtherulz said...

Cuckoo - Yeah...selfrealization...which one you would call as good one...

Sigma - aap to hamesha hi hamein khinch leti hain...!
Oh yeah...these Flame flowers are so amazing...and tomorrow I am going to have my evening tea with my family seeing these flowers....I have some other pics as well ( real good close shots....)

Wanderer - Hmmm - you seem to know a lot about my plan...and somehow I am not able to recollect you. Probably due to the fact that I am unable to view your blog. May I request your identity please - if you don't mind.
And back to your ? - yeah I have to go there , when is the BIG ??? -I was thinking of taking a break in June ( later part)- just some responsibilities which I have taken - need to settle some babies is quite exciting ...!
Thanks so much for coming !

Tk care ~