Friday, March 09, 2007

Small Recounting

Well was very gruelling trip...that goes without saying. Infact I would like to know which company sends you to have whale of time....( If anyone knows of such...let me know I need to send my resume' there - pronto ,

Few good highlights ( One always manage to get few....)

Shopping -

I am not a big shopper, not because I don't want to but its the case of never enough I bought simple calligraphy pens and brushes and some nice ink pots with lovely colors.
Look at the picture below these are "Original Tibettan" brushes and they have jewels embedded on the grip. They cost roughly 200 $.
And just in case you are thinking I bought these...nah...please see above where I have clearly mentioned never enough mony to buy....! The one which I got costed me $4.00
( I am sure everyone is breathing normally by
Though these pens were if you can't buy it click it !!

Meeting my old school friend

I think now I know why people say "Old School Friend" I think all of us were in school long time back...just in case anyone wondering my age...I forgot counting at 16 :-)
So it was good reunion. I am glad I was able to spend some time with family.
And this pic is of my friends kid - He was Lil Monster. Very entertaining. I think most of the kids are...atleast at that stage.

Stop Over

Yup I had almost more then 14 hrs of stopover at Hong Kong. So I decided to venture out and do sight seeing....!
Hmmm ...altogther not bad !!
I will be posting the pics on my other blog - Gypsy feet !! Happy watching !


Cuckoo said...

Wow ! What a break. 14 hours!! Couldn't you come via Europe ? I think distance is only slightly less ? Which airlines ? Cathy-Pacific?

BTW, I too always have very tight schedule. Difficult to take time out for my passion.

On those pretty pen.

Though these pens were if you can't buy it click it !!.. Ha Ha.. ROFL.. I liked the line very much. Will remember on my next trip. Do you know the real brushes are always made of hair ? Ok ok ... you know all.. Silly me.

Now time to go to Gypsy Feet. :))

Ash said...


Kalyan said...

You lucky one, I think you had a wonderful hongkong journey & for the pens, I may be breathing normally over the pens but I surely want to possess one of those, which I beleive you must also be dying for it

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

That really was an awfully long journey home! And the pens, couldn't you get them at a better price back home?

Cuckoo said...

lolll I am here and you are on my blog !

I am answering your comments there.

tlc illustration said...

It's good to find bright spots in whatever it is we're doing, isn't it? (Sometimes I have to look *very* hard...) :-)

Glad you made it back alright.

Bendtherulz said...

@ Cuckoo - Last time we tried that circuit and it was much worse 30hrs inclusive of timing when we missed our flight.
Think of crummy/ grummy/ dirty bloated - all applied to us :-(
Yeah Cathay was my chosen flight. Going to US was ziffy less then 20 hrs. Coming back was - PAIN on timing front as my lay over was more then 14 hrs. However a day trip to HK city and later I just took shower and dinner at very decent time in the lounge so I was pretty ok.
Hey its ok no harm in knowing one more time. Hair grading also impact on cost to major extent.Yeah so my $ 4 actually had many mixed hair.

And I noticed that we were sort of on each other

@ Ash - Thx

@ Kalyan - Yeah buddy you get that on dot. Me am thinking of travelling to Tibet and procure authentic thingy.

@ Merisi - Nah the caligraphy brushes are not available atleast the place where I live. I have heard may be in Calcutta as there is a settlement of Expat chinese over there.

@ Tara - every time these things happen in my life, I always send a quick prayer to that "guy up above" - life would not be interesting if these bright spots would not be coming my way.

cinderelly said...

i want a job that sends me someplace! i keep hoping someday the hubby decides he would like to see hong kong! going to gypsy feet too!

Bendtherulz said...

Hey Cindrelly , will pray for you !!Convince your husband....this trip I met my clients husband and we all had dinner together, we really got on like house on fire and he has expressed his wish to come to India and do trekking in Himalaya...see so simple.
Let me know if you want another helping hand to convince your huby to start "travelling bug"