Saturday, March 24, 2007

Old Books and Book shop...

The Attic

These were such clinchers @ 5 INR per pc. Yippie...these were the books which we use to term as contraband ( my parents use to call this stuff it was so much fun to get these smuggled into home and reading at late night .....he he he)

Surprises which you find while scouring the place for old books...very interesting...on this book I found somebody's budget plan for Jaipur...!
One lovely memory of Jodhpur is visit to Book shop " Harish Book World" - this was at one time famous for second hand books ( Now the family has diversified into Modern shaped Book store @ Jalori Gate as well as publication on their own....)
However I just visit this place which is located near clock tower ( ghanta ghar) and you could smell the old books, touch the yellowed pages. There is something about hands down/ passed on old if beside the books character they also have a story of their own ....totally unknown to the current holder.
I picked up Guy de Maupassant ( complete short stories)
I have few books from the author and I just love his writing ,however not the complete works so it was good to get this copy.
Kahlil Gibran ( Prophet 1983 edition - which makes it my 3rd copy - I have a extra copy which I was thinking of gifting , however that would have meant losing on original it was good to get this version beside my travelling copy.


Sigma said...

Ah ! book store ... having all those old gems .... sheer bliss !!

But you didnt tell us whether or not did you buy those Indrjal comics this time !! At least you wouldnt have to smuggle them in at the night now :-))

Cuckoo said...

You reminded me of my bachpan ! All those comics & some more ;)
Ohh sometimes my mom used to get so irritated that she used to threaten us of throwing them all.. lolll

Books are my favourites too. Do you know what I do first thing when I go to Delhi ? Buy hordes of books which I don't get here. People call me crazy, bringing kilos of books from Delhi !

When I go to Rajasthan, I'll definitely take tips from you. First tell me what is the best season to go there.

JV said...

I have many old Indrjal Comics, Phantom - Ghost who walks and Mandrake the magician.

BTW, I think I have forogotten to tell you that you are TAGGED

Kalyan said...

Ahh...I can just smell the scent of old books coming from your post. It gives such a kind of delightful feeling when you get hold of a second-hand book at a throw away price. In calcutta there are so many of these kind of sellers, almost every fort-night I pick up a new book. Your collection is nice & the shots too...stay well!

Bendtherulz said...

@Sigma - Yeah I bought them and could gleefully showed to my Mom...she just rolled her eyes :-)

@ Cuckoo - Oh yeah...even my was a laugh - me my sibling and my dad all of us use to be so scared of spending our pocket money on books & admitting as such to Mom.I can imagine you being labled as crazy...!
Winters is the best season...October to March - and thats it - albeit considered to be crazy time try going there during the Thar festival ( Dec- Jan) You will see some cultural Rajasthani spicy curry in terms of events...!
Will send the information on next event dates. You can take from there...!

@ JV - Thanks Buddy hope this time leaving the comment was not difficult.
Thanks for the Tag - yeah this one is easy...Though I am still reeling under the Sigma's pending!
I hope to finish both by this week...I think I have to otherwise no peace till end of April for me.

@Kalyan - Yeah there is something about the smell...isn't it & prices...I just couldn't hide my Devils smile...enough from the shop keeper lol !! Whow you must be having a huge collection...! Have to check your book list....!
Thanks for your comment appreciate a lot !!

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for the info.

Sorry to say that you are doubly tagged !!! Check my blog. :P