Friday, March 30, 2007

Luncheon with King

- All pics taken at the property of - Fort Palace - Khimsar( Rajasthan)


Cuckoo said...

WoW!! What a place ! And those colorful glasses. I just love them.

Do ppl there always dress in those traditionals or was it for you ? ;)

Kalyan said...

Really Royale...Wonderfully captured shots!
The place is looking very colourful & beautiful.

Bendtherulz said...

@Cuckoo - People still dress very traditionally in Rajasthan.
No - despite my lieneage and connections in one would do that for!

@Kalyan - Thanks , yeah and food was yum...I am always sceptical about such hideouts. But this was truly amazing place in middle of nowhere....its actually my Mom who suggested this place...she and my dad were invited by the King ( almost 3-4 decades back)at that time for Lunch.
We paid for our lunch :-)- we are not that influential -lol

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Incredible place!
Have you ever read Antonio Tabucchi's "Indian Nocturne"? This palace could have been one of the places his protagonist happens upon on his search through India.

Sigma said...

Nice photos. I love stained glass windows!
You could improve the second photo by using flash (since there is strong light coming from the back of those two guys)!

Bendtherulz said...

Hey Merisi - no not yet( will try to get hold of copy though)- however that might be unlikely as these places they do highlight these there is another "Dhanni" - small settlement where William Dalrymple ( historian writer) wrote his books.
Hey Sigma - Thx , where have you been....hope to see some post from your end...missing your reviews.

Sigma said...

I had been to Dharamsala :-)
Hopefully I'll be able to write a post this weekend :-)