Monday, November 19, 2007


* Marsh marigold

*Famour Himalayan blue poppy

* VOF -has the most wonderous wild flora. However I recall when I first visited this place - I thought I will be seeing Roses and what not....not these small florals some of them were as small as 1/2 cm :-)
** Thanks to all for your comments. I am just too swamped. Hope to post one more post on VOF......very soon !!


indicaspecies said...

What you named as Marsh Marigold, is also a wild variety of Daisy. It is a species of Gloriosa. Wow, you got the Himalayan blue poppies in their natural habitat. Now they are being cultivated and hybridized as well.

I like wild flowers more than their garden varieties.

Waiting for VoF-IV. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous beauties.

backpakker said...

the blue poppies are beautiful and so are the marsh i understand why you were so delirious ..lovely

Bendtherulz said...

@Indica - Thanks for your comments, glad to know more on the flora. If you can identify more names, please share and I would be more then happy to update.

@Backpakker -:) -you are right...!!

DeLi said...

wow! i really love the yellow and purple blooms!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what to say of the photos...incredible shots from an incredible place...the flowers look beautiful & lovely views there.....

as for the Shimla trip, nothing is confirmed yet. The work pressure now is showing no signs of decreasing and that's why I have slowed down on my blogging too. But there is some bit of travelling going on due to work related purposes, quite frequently now, so the shimla trip will be postponed to a later date....stay well & what about your plans???

Sigma said...

Lovely pictures! And after a looooong wait! BTw, where is VoF - II ? ;-)
Do you have a closer shot of Blue Poppy ?

Merisi said...

Beautiful flowers, even if they are small. :-)
I hope you get a breather every now and then.

Bendtherulz said...

@ Deli - Thanks for your visit and I am glad you liked the blooms.

@ Kalyan - Thanks buddy. I can imagine work can be too much sometime. I am still buried ,when its coming to blogging ;-)
Yup was lucky to be at Corbett for the weekend.... :)) ( BIG GRIN)
@ Sigma - lol - on part II /III - after posting was thinking who would comment first. Brownie is yours lady :))
I think I have one more shot of poppy - not a very close up. Do you want one?

Merisi said...

Waiting for the poppy .... :-)

Bendtherulz said...

@Merisi - Heya, how about if I send some feathers and 4 legged beauties... :-))
I have been quite tardy in my visit to your blog :(( just not getting enough time ...*sigh*

Merisi said...

Now, what do you think you are doing? Keep us waiting to be fed more of your delicous tidbits til the Danube freezes over? It might happen, you know.
Seriously, how are you?