Thursday, June 19, 2008

On all time High !!

Life is rolling and its on all time HIGH :))
** Got to photograph a "Lifestyle Home store"....and hope to see my pics on page 3..... :) ,everybody in office is pulling my leg and there is just a general happiness floating around.
** Before I landed this "plum" unpaid assignment -I also made this startling discovery that- I can cut 1000 stems of tuberoses and fill them in partybucket ( 20 min flat) move furniture which is back breaking ...phew....but good ... ..... !~! And lastly I think under stress -performance is excellent ;)
Cheers !!!


Cuckoo said...

Congratulations !!!

Your pictures are truly depicting your current mood !!

carry on !

GuNs said...

You might be interested?

GuNs said...

the link doesnt display here in the comments properly. So click here instead.

humbl devil said...

nice always..
what kind of profession are ya into ma'm???
a pro fotografer???

for that golden temple pic did you use any extra lenses with your d50???

Bendtherulz said...

@ Cuckoo - Thankuuu btw on which part....the cutting of flowers stem or.....?? :))

@ Guns - Thanks for the link. Quite interesting...are you also planning ?? Let me know !!

@ Humbl Devil - Thanks and I dont think am pro ...not by long chalk.I dont even own a camera. The Amritsar shot was taken by Nikkon DSLR D50, though the person from whom I borrow camera has telly as well.

Bendtherulz said...

To All ~

All the images were taken at Cedar Lodge (gardens) near Ramgadh. Beautiful property and good stopover for lunches (between Mukteshwar and Nainital)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....the photos are simply looking beautiful....will wish the 'un' gets removed from the unpaid part home store sounds interesting....keep rocking with your jolly good mood & have a great time.

Sigma said...

Lovely lovely pictures. Specially the foxgloves and fuschias.

I dropped you a mail long time back (had you rediffmail id). Didnt you get it?