Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spice Route !!

* Cinnamon had such great flavor- Best buy beside Banana Chips ( deep fried...) sinfully yum !

* Spices getting sold on pavement ( I loved all those colorful containers in which the seller kept his spices - they are so vibrant.)
* While roaming in Cochin - we found this neat " spice shop" this was more uppity...thingy - however still had the character....loved those huge glass jars " martbaan's" - I remember my Gran using those for "Aam ka achar" ( Mango pickle) .
There were some other cute shapes of jars in smaller sz as well as handpainted ceramic pots....!


tlc illustration said...

Wow. Those spices look amazing! I am like a kid-in-a-candystore in herb and spice shops. I love all the smells and textures and colors - and would like some of each please!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cuckoo said...

Ummm I can smell it ! All the spices.

My south indian trips are never complete without spices, cashew nuts, banana chips & some pudis(powders) & of course coffee.

You sure are a simple person at heart. (Like me) ;)

Those martbaans remind me of my good old days :) These days only small bottles & pouches. :((

cinderelly said...

i think it must smell heavenly there!