Monday, November 27, 2006

Dance like a Man

- I have seen many performances ( hmmm - maestro's as well) so what set this one apart...these were students ( and part time giving performances in evenings) - Life is quite tough for these struggling artist. Fame beckons you from afar and when you are trying to reach for turns into a Mirage ( Sunehri Mrig - Golden deer)
- We were quite taken by the performance and in the end...clicked quite a lot of pics...later on when I talked to them..I felt like a heel as the guy with green paint - his eyes were hurting...due to all that paint....and I am sure with all those flash would not have been easy on his eyes....I apologized.....and he said simply -
" I am used to this "


Cuckoo said...

Thanks for lovely pics. I like this dance very much specially their facial expressions.

Oh it's paint? I always thought they use some vegetable colors.

Sigma said...

Hmmm. It is sad to learn about the pain behind a work of art you have admired. And more often than not, the more beautiful some thins is, more the pain that has gone into it.

Sigma said...

Btw, I wrote a whole post, inspired by your last comment :-)

Bendtherulz said...

@Cuckoo - thx for your comments, btw - this dance form is actually semi classical dance drama inspired by the "Kathakali" - its called as Ottan & parayan Thullal. It differs in kathakali that it requires artist to sing as well. Kathakali is all facial and hand expression and someone else does the narration for the performing artist.
( Also dressing in Kathakali is more richer, Ottan is still catchy with painted face and headgear whereas parayn is very simple)

@Sigma - How true "most of the things which are beautiful have some element of pain"
- thx for taking my comments as inspiration....!

tlc illustration said...

The costumes and faces are so beautiful. I'm sure it was great to watch.

Bendtherulz said...

Tara - welcome back and thx for comment.