Monday, December 04, 2006

Advent of cultural breeze..

Last week was treat for all the cultural aficionados. Visual as well as soulful treat speard across the week ....and more to come....!

Somehow you see the spurt in cultural activities....concerts, dance shows, poetry recital, photo exhibition...lots and lots in store during the winter...and that makes me think of only one thing....
"Kambakht yeh sardiyan barah mahinee kyon nahin rahti.
Well I started with "Dance show from Russia - Yunost" - hmmm - ok, reminded me of Shiamak Dawar group. I wish only if they would have stuck to their own gig then adopting the entire world ( It was not bad them adopting Salsa/Moulin Rouge/Cowboy dance...etc...however there is so much more to know about Russian dances...?? So yeah I was baffled)
On top of that I kept on telling my friend that they are working around the "World theme" so they will eventually do "Indian Dance" - so in anticipation we kept on sitting...and went through the entire length of the show....alas....they didn't show "bhangra"....booohoooo :-(
Next was evening with Rehmat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb - Organizers were left scurrying around to get more bunches of floral arrangements as dignitaries outnumbered the bouquet....he he he !!
Thankfully for this performance they kept the introduction to mere 5 minutes and then we had some nice soulful music.
However I feel that true impact of this performance could have been 10 folds great - if it would have been done in some open space....somehow I felt the artist- trapped within the 4 walls of auditorium.
Last but not the least " My ever Fav Zohra Sehgal" - she recited some urdu poems from the likes of - Faiz/Ali Sardar Zafri/Kaifi Azmi/Javed Akhtar - Just penning down the poem (by Hafeez Jullundhary) which somehow epitomise the spirit of Zohraji in my eyes -
abhii to mai.n javaan huu.N
havaa bhi Khushagavaar hai, gulo.n pe bhii nikhaar hai
tarannume.n hazaar hai.n, bahaar purbahaar hai
kahaa.N chaalaa hai saaqiyaa, idhar to lauT idhar to aa
are ye dekhataa hai kyaa, uThaa subuu, subuu uThaa
subuu uThaa piyaalaa bhar, piyaalaa bhar ke de idhar
chaman kii simt kar nazar, samaa.N to dekh beKhabar
vo kaalii-kaalii badaliyaa.N, ufaq pe ho ga_ii ayaa.N
vo ik hajuum-e-maikashaa.N, hai suu-e-maikadaa ravaa.N
ye kyaa gumaa.N hai badagumaa.N, samajh na mujhako naatavaa.N
Khayaal-e-zohd abhii kahaa.N
abhi to mai.n javaan huu.N
* The way Zohraji renders this just leave you with a tingle up in your arm.....!


Cuckoo said...

Zohra is one of my fav. as well !! Even at this age she does wonders !! Have you seen some of her Tv programs where she has recited some?

Hmmm I have started envying you.. Sardiyon ka mausam aur us par sher-o-shayari.. I am missing my Delhi.
You having a great time. ;) Liked your description.

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha..
Abhi to main jawan Hu.. ;) Have you ever heard the original song? How beautiful it is.

Sigma said...

Ah! You are one lucky soul to get to attend such memorable events (even if you didnt get to see the bhangra ;-) )!
And especially to listen to recital of ghazals of such master poets, by someone as wonederful as Zohra Sehgal!
The poem you have posted (abhi to main jawaan hoon) is also superb (even though there were a few words I did not get). Cuckoo mentions a song ... I think I have heard of it, but never actually hear it ...