Monday, December 18, 2006

Lansdowne - Place of Mist and Mystic

-This spot was so charming, we were walking and suddenly we were enveloped in this mist, it looked as if we were transported to some fairy land with this mist and trees playing hide and seek with us.
- Shadows

- Dusk n darkness creeping in....very eerie !

- Lone Soldier
- This was shot from a moving car....(hmmm living on edge)

A Typical scene from Hills.
-Trip to Lansdowne last year. Very sleepy and small town in Uttranchal. Very well structured town with cobbled street. We really thought as if we were transported to some bygone era( very British colonial feel) .
- Not much to do , except eat hearty breakfast dripped in butter - take long walks - again gorge on scrumptious food - again take a long walk - come for the evening tea and Pakodas ( fried crispy) - walk in the nearby grounds , round up the evening with dinner and sleep...this was our routine for 4 days......!!
- Some + points of living in capital city - Hills are quite nearby and you don't waste much time in commuting to reach the destination.


Sigma said...

Wonderful, charming pics ! Its an enchanting place. I think I must go there for sure :-) ... I saw some pics of the place at another blog some time back...

M. A. said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the dusk creeping in. Are those tea plantations on the hills there? Would love to have a good cup of tea right now. ;-)

M. A. said...

? How I got turned into "m.a. without a profile", no idea. Beta, again?
Greetings from Vienna,

tlc illustration said...

What a gorgeous looking place. I love the trees. And the mist. Mystic and mysterious looking indeed!