Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Visa Power

This incident was both hilarious as well as with quite undertones of sadness. From our offc 3 persons were asked to go for a "phoren trip". And as it happens all 3 of us are pretty funny bones so we were looking forward to our sojourn to foreign shore...so much so we extended our trip as well and made plans.
Next comes Visa - very unfortunately "S" got his visa ( not exactly declined...but on hold) despite the tenacity and preparation done by our offc.
Well his Visa has been granted after (5 months) so "S" is giving Samosa party ! This is the note which he has sent to all of us !!
It is just to update you that my name has been removed from the List of Terrorists maintained by the US Embassy. So you guys can relax & feel free at the office :-)
Few of my colleagues gun pointed to arrange for Samosas & Jalebi tomorrow. So with my weaker self exposed , I have to.
See you all at 5.00 pm for a few light moments.

With a lighter wallet,
ps- He is a great guy to have this carefree attitude - I was chatting to him and he was explaining to me how the lady who took his interview was so embarrassed to deny the same, he was actually thinking from the other side of the fence.....! I looked at him and said -dude you are really cool....I think in your place I would have been very upset!
I still can't get over his Non Challant attitude - would love to learn this.....!

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Sigma said...

Ya, amusing incident, though a little ironical. But the note your friend sent was really funny, and high spirited.

Btw, I replied to many of your comments you left on my blogs. I think you did not get a chance to look at them (which I must say is quite difficult, to go back and check)