Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jodhpur -The Blue City

*** I had less then 6 hrs and my sis had extracted the promise that I will take them out to show the Fort of jodhpur and some part of city. So our first stop was Mehrangadh - I find this fort very imposing. May be because of its entrance.

*** When you enter the gates - there is a Royal welcome. People are not camera shy and would pose very eagerly and oblige you.

*** I made my sister climb stairs and pose in this Jharokha. Later she gave me a hug as it brought memories of when our father use to take pics of mom ( our family album is full of images where my mom would be either standing next to huge doorways/arches or these carved windows)
Though I am still trying to figure why its called as Bengal arch ??
*** No guesses - Right !! That's why Jodhpur is called as Blue City !!!


Cuckoo said...

That jharokha is just awesome. I too want to go there and pose for photos. :)
And I never knew Jodhpur is known as blue city let alone the reason.
The only coloured city I knew was pink city !!

Are there any more colored cities anywhere ? Probably yellow city jaisalmer ?

Standbymind said...

I love that place..was here las year!

indicaspecies said...

The Jharoka photograph is unbelievably beautiful! I kept looking at it for several minutes in admiration. Can't wait to see it in real. :)

Bendtherulz said...

@ Cuckoo - if you ever get to this part of world. Then my recommendation would be "Jharokha at AmarSagar" in Jaisalmer. Or at Patwon ki haveli"

Its Golden city -Jaisalmer !! Will have to check more on others though !!

@ Standbymind - :)

@ Indicaspecies - Thanks a lot for your words.

AJEYA RAO said...

Just saw a comment you left on one of my old posts. Came here to witness some excellent pics. Thanks for sharing the pics of Daffodils that i had not seen till date, but the poem from my English text on this flower is still fresh in my mind.

backpakker said...

the first pic is awesome..and man ..what a truly royal blue city

Merisi said...

Should I ever get to India,
I fervently wish you'd be my guide. Such stunningly beautiful places,
and this after I immersed myself in Indicaspecies' and backpakker's travel blogs. Thank you!