Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dawn is breaking...

Today ( hmmm midnight ...) I head back for home....after gruelling hours on road and neck burried under mound of paper and notes and lap top......I look up at sun and say -

"I soak up the sun.."

This city never lets a bad weather stay for long....we had such good spate of sunshine...all these 4 days. Such a change from a early week's grummy grey, demantarish weather....!
One of our friend picked us up for a ride to city.....which was so fun, we went to crazy crookesdest street...Harley store ( yeah such amazing mean machines they have), and then last stop to Artist shop to pick my supply of calligraphy pens/ brushes and lovely shades of inks.

Will post the pics of my purchase...very soon as I touch home!!
Till then Adio's !!


Cuckoo said...

Come soon. Waiting to see your shopping !! ;)

Didn't know guys are also interested in shopping. :P

Sigma said...

Hmmmmm .... would also love to see the pictures of the outcome of your purchases put to use !!

Sigma said...

In short, your sketches/painting/calligraphy .... I didnt know you painted as well!!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Are you still up in the air? Playing satellite, or what? (Was that you, that object in front of the moon?) :-)