Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Surprise for the day :-)

- Last evening while coming back from work, on a busy road -I found this shot...it was so entertaining. The Buffalo had such serene expression ...guzzling away to glory...not paying any attention to stupid honking and vehicles whizzing from side....!
- I wish I could be like buffalo...not letting anything affect me....hein....!


Ash said...

You want to be like a buffallo?

OMG! Hilarious :-)

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

The nerves of a buffalo, well I wouldn't mind either. ;-)
Venice was so incredibly beautiful, I could have stayed forever.
Come to think of it, rats!, what am I doing here in Vienna? :-((((

Bendtherulz said...

Hey Ash...yeah want to have the same nerves....u know more like steel...!

Meris - Bang on , somtime you need it so much!
Go back...whats stopping you...you don't look happy...lol...!!
Tkcare -

Kalyan said...

oh! that's one wonderful shot!...would you really like to be a buffalo!!!

btw, i loved your last comment on my blog on the autumn shot.

Sanj said...

Lovely post, reminds me of a very popular Raj Kumar song in Kannada...

yaare kuugaaDali
uure hOraaDali
emme, ninna nemmadige bangavilla
bisilu gaaLi maLe chaLige neenu
aLukade munde saaguve!

let anyone shout
let the whole town rebel
buffalo, no disturbance for your peace,
sunshine wind rain or cold
without hesitation you progress forward!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

How'bout a Monday surprise?
Waiting in Vienna (at least it starts with a "V" *ggg*),
M. :-)

Bendtherulz said...

@ Kalyan - Thx am glad you liked my comments...lol and I see that you have posted a new pic....!

@ Sanj - Thx for the information...would you call it coincidence I just heard about a Kannada book review recently and now your comment is about RajKumar.

@ Thx Merisi - the weather in SFO right now feels like dementors...sucking all your happiness :-(
Infact I can tell you 100 things which are not right and making me howl ...!! And this is just my 2nd day...!
So Visit to Venice was so good & balmy...!!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Venice - probably an illusion, but a good one. :-) However, I feel at peace every time I cross into Italy, anywhere really, as long as the sea is close by. :-)
You talking about Frisco? (Sorry, I am a little out of the loop, me seems *g*). Never went there, if I want fog, I can visit my native Inn River County. ;-)

Sigma said...

You have been Tagged!!

Sigma said...


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... hota hai hota hai.

BTW, where are you ? You know what ? Your this blog was not up in my google reader and all I was thinking that you aren't posting anything here. :(

Will go thru all ur posts but don't expect comments everywhr.. lolll

take care.

Bendtherulz said...

@Merisi - just came back from another visit to Venice courtsey your blog...!
Yeah...weather is RATS here..only good thing is that I am using that excuse to have lots of warm sake & shashimi...yum yum...lol!

@ Sigma - You are Tough ! Will take on this mere dost...!!Let me reach Indian shores!
Aap bahut leg pull karti hain...lol...!

@ Hey Cuckoo..its alright, feel free, I would say that when it rains it pours....! I am touched you left messages everywhere !Thx