Sunday, February 11, 2007

A day trip to Jaipur

- I love this type of art which you find at the back of the trucks....( may be kitsch...) I try to imagine what goes in a mind of the owner when they want their trucks to have such bright scenes painted . Beside the painting...some of the sentences written are so corny....and one can deduce a lot about the people those who are travelling from Himalaya to Kanyakumari....
Are they born romantics, die hard survivors, missing their family....Nomads.....???

Would love to travel this way ( I have done but only for few hours....I think it will be a whole lot different if I have to live for few months....)

- Postcard pic.... love that shade of pink....( flowers....)

- HollyHock - This varitey really grows very well in desert/arid area......when I took the close up I was chasing that bee ( on RHC floral of this the time I cliked bee was gone.....I am still looking :-)
I just love going to Jaipur....the sun, people and tempting...I don't mind the hardships attached to these day trips....!


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

I love the truck! Reminds me of a wholesaler in Salzburg, who had "Südfrüchte" (citrus fruits") written and fruits painted all over its trucks when I was a little child.
My mother for some reason never has hollyhocks in her garden, but we had a long row of pink flox all along the front of the house.

Ash said...

Lovely images!

tlc illustration said...

We used to make 'flower fairies' out of hollyhock blooms (for skirts) and buds (for heads). Those dratted bees are not very good at posing for pictures!

JV said...

These transporters are life line of India. When they go on strike everything and everyone is choked up.

And it is really interesting to observe the driver's/owners attitude . Sometime you get whole life's philosophy at the back of a truck which make you to think twice.

Thery are almost on raod for whole year. No holidays, not week ends.

Have asked you, which camera do you use?

Another thing. While submitting this comment why I am not allowed to enter wordpress user as 'other'. Have you turned off this feature, if so, please turn it on.

Bendtherulz said...

@ Merisi - Thx for sharing your remembrance.
@ Thx Ash.
@ Tara -lol...yeah dratted Bees.
@ JV - Oh yeah life sure is quite tough for these people...still they have smile , amazing "Never Die" attitude.
On the camera - I replied in my earlier post as well, I just borrow. I don't have many things to call on my own.So these photos are from a Digi camera which my colleague was carrying.

No - I don't think I have installed anything extra sice I started...was this which you faced this time only...??
Let me know and I will check at my end. I am not too techie on these stuff :-(

Sigma said...

True, I love reading the quotes/poetry on the backs of trucks and autos. I am not certain whether or not they portray the drivers' views, but they do depict a different kind of philosophy, and at times, humor. Some time I am going to make a post on this too :-)

Sigma said...

Pink flowers in the Pink City ?? :-)

Bendtherulz said...

@ Sigma - I know those sher are so original and such Die hard romantics...pls do share your musings ,that would be gr8 , I have some crazy pics , which I can give to you...( you know juti hanging @ just crack me up) it would go very

Hmmmm nice title...Pink in Pink city...!