Monday, July 09, 2007

Don't Jump..... :-)

what are you seeking lovely lady ... :-)


somepinkflowers said...

where, oh, where
is this sweet baby's tail?


little indian said...

Just being into 'extreme sports'
doesn't necessarily mean
she is a lady. ;)

Cuckoo said...

She's sitting on her tail !! loll

Vibrant template colour.

Ash said...

She's cute!

Merisi said...

Sitting pretty, the little princess! Wonder if she plays the lyre when she's rested up? ;-)

JV said...

Nice shot.. cute cat!!

Merisi said...

Hi Bend,
a visitor has left a tip for you regarding the name of a flower on my Blue Flowers from a Viennese Alpine Garden post. Thought you might enjoy finding out the name! :-)
By sheer coincidence, while I was hiking in the Abruzzi mountains in Italy, I found the same flower growing in the wild. Will post it soon.
Have a great weekend!

Merisi said...

I will jump if you continue hiding! :-)

Kalyan said...

maybe 'love' of her beloved!!!