Friday, July 20, 2007

My first ever Butterfly series

* This pic is my fav ***

My first ever butterfly pics, and I am quite happy , generally when I get closer to take these momentous pics - I get blobs/ out of focus... yikes :(
And this is the time for that "Old song" एक तितली अनेक तितलियाँ ...clap clap !!
Have a nice weekend !!


The Lad said...

Wow man..these were nice shots!!!
whats next?

ClapSo said...

Very nice work. I think the forth one down from the top is the butterfly space programs first launch...

The scientifically impossible I do right away
The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

alicia said...

haha these are nice. (: keep shooting butterfly pics okay? ;)

Ash said...

They are wonderful!!!
You did a great!!

backpakker said...

nice pics..i like the second..i was remembering the song has a quaint feel abt it

somepinkflowers said...

your favorite one, is mine too.

i have more butterflies
than flowers now
with all this florida heat!

i am missing my flowers
as the sun is so intense
and then, when the rains come,
the water mashes everything down.

your photos look like spring
rather than summer to me...


Kalyan said...

WoW, WoW...I think these are some of your best shots till now. Just marvellous!

Ishwardeep Singh said...

wow excellent shots!! did the butterflies pose for u ;)

btw when was it that u made that trip to Ladakh? I can't seem to get the place out of my head- still have dreams abt it!!

Merisi said...

Bautiful pictures (and like you, close-ups sometimes elude me, even though I have gotten a little better lately, after finally reading the instruction booklet *grin*).
I am always intrigued by your images of plants and flowers I know from other world regions, like this butterfly bush. We had one back home in Washington and it was always well visited by butterflies. Could this be the Indian species of the Monarch butterfly? What's its Indian name?

little indian said...

am I to picture you fluttering after butterflies, camera to the eye, desperately trying to zoom in on to them? How else can you get them to pose?

What do you call those flowers in India? Butterflies just love them.

You may all know this, so a little question; how did "butter" get into their name?

Sigma said...

Nice picures ... really beautiful. And I too wonder how did you manage to get the close-ups ....

And btw, you can find the old song (ek titli) on youtube, if you'd like to watch/hear it once again for "ek anek". and you can find there, "jungle jungle baat chali hai", too!