Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roses for Merisi

Not hiding , just picking some fragrant roses for you......( what !! You don't believe me... and I can see you rolling your eyes :-)
Too many things happening - am not complaining.....! Lots of stuff which I can share on blog later....( History walks and lectures on Buddhism and temple architecture, sushi cooking beat movies....and what and planning for next trek.
Hope you will like the flowers Merisi :)
ps - I still have to send you that song from India....


Cuckoo said...

And for meeeeeeeeeeee ???? Nothing ?


Merisi said...

Oh, you are so sweet, thank you so much! I love all of them, such beautiful flowers, and the different backgrounds make them even more special.
It's so interesting to observe in how many different climates those roses show their splendor. Here they are getting into their second bloom, even under the extreme heat. I got a very special one yesterday, it's on my Strawberry Fields blog, I dedicate it to you. :-)

Merisi said...

Merci beaucoup! :-)

Kalyan said...

WoW...these are some beautifully captured shots, which can be anyones envy. So you have lots of stuff rotting in your head. Just jot it down fast, all of them are topics close to my heart & where is the next trek???
Stay well!

little indian said...

Hi rulzbender
you have received an award in recognition of those big muscles. :)

read here:
the power of the schmooze

It is your turn to find five more who do schmooze.

Bendtherulz said...

Cuckoo -:)) ( Incredulous smile) You got my first ever seems yeah dil mange more...!!

Merisi - You are welcome...and once again apologies -hmmmmm - not bad - first I sent flowers and then "sorry messages" - see that's why I say I fare better with cactus.... :-) !! Any comments !!
And loved your roses - touched and honored - Thankuuuuuuuu :))

Kalyan - Yeah - I know much to do and so little time in hand !!!!!
Next trek is not till August 3rd week and it will be VOF (Valley of Flowers)

Lil Indian - What ??? Where ??when.... :)) Ok - am quite curious. Let me check....ahem ahem...Is it good thing... :))