Saturday, July 28, 2007


Kuch nayee manjeelon ki talash mein nikalna hai.....lekin yeah Dil Mange More..... :)
Off to Ranikhet for this long weekend !!


Anonymous said...

Some beautifully captured shots especially the last one...aur manzil milne se jarur wakif karana...

Have a rocking time in Ranikhet and I have changed my blog address and merged few of my blogs. You can visit there too!

Cuckoo said...

Yes, the last one is just too beautiful.

Ranikhet ?? :((((

Merisi said...

Great images!
How was your trip (I guess you are already on the next one *g*).

kairospix said...

lovley captures!
hope you had a good weekend
posting pictures of your trip?

somepinkflowers said...

such images
of clouds are spiritual,
i think...


and share your adventures here!

i never have enough travel stories...

indicaspecies said...

And when I visit your blog, you are off to another trip..whoa! Enjoy it and we'll wait to hear what more you have to share :)
Lovely pics here including those of the titlis:D

Anonymous said...

Bendtherulz, absent for a long time here...are you keeping well buddy! let us know...stay well & take care!

Merisi said...

I am looking forward to hear all about your latest adventures!

Ash said...


GuNs said...

So THIS is your blog.
Wonder why you were so scared to let me see it!


Bendtherulz said...

@Kalyan - Thanks Buddy for the message. Too much to! Lets see....!

@Cuckoo - No I am not buying :(( - this. You are travelling like MAD too.... :-)

@ Merisi - Thanks , I suppose I get too restless the moment I step into Real world. Hmmm ....since then finished one more and now on my another trip. Though this time its official.

@ Kairo - Thanks - yeah...eventually!!

@ SPFlowers - Thanks - I think you also need to come to India....for your travel stories....!

@ Indicaspecies - lol..... Thanks for visiting.

@ Ash - Thanks !!

@ Gunz - Honored , thanks so much !! No not scared.....!! Hope till you get back to India you can see Mountains through my eyes....! BTW - Everest Base Camp is still on. Interested !!

GuNs said...

Totally AM!
Summer 2008?
How many of you coming though?


Bendtherulz said...

Gunz - yup summer 08 , Mountain Goat and one more wild spirit from Oz under and then me - the whole idea started at VOF - so yeah I think 3 of us would be there and since you are keen as well, that makes 4...!
So when are you planning to come back to India....!!