Friday, June 22, 2007

Back up plan :-)

* My back up plan.....( the day I get disenchanted....I call up my friend MountainGoat and ask for a job)
Its a very cool job - all you need to do is drop one seed/ grain at a time in the neat rows - and thats it - and you earn cool money. Rest of the time is all yours :-)
As per my friend - he gets approx 10 resume ( prospective people looking for job on his orchard) , 20 or so partnership offers and few more other similar type of offers......
That gave me super idea - he can give me all that information and I can start my data base friend ran away...... :)


Ash said...

Cool...nice one!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. Witty you !!!

You made your friend run away ?? Tch Tch .. him. :P

alicia said...

pretty colours :D

Merisi said...

I earned pocket money as a kid working the fields. Five dollars working from 12 to 6pm. Back breaking. No easy money.
I'd rather travel with you. :-)

somepinkflowers said...

i look at the seeds/grain
and think:
Potential Food,

but in my heart
i look at the seeds/grain
and see:
Potential Artsy-Crafty Project...

~~~is it only when a tummy is full
that food can be used for art?~~~


Bendtherulz said...

Thanks Ash, cuckoo and Alicia !!

Merisi - How come I am not surprised
Will be honored to show you India & Himalaya's..let me know when you finally make the plan...!!

Somepinkflowers - lol...yeah you are right good food for thought.Once while trekking we got stuck in remote area due to land slides - before that we were penning down poetry etc...( however in the evening - we were cooking food and helping out in small shack in exchange of our dinner...yeah so poetry went out of our head when we were chopping veggies/ cleaning

Kalyan said...

Thats a damn cool idea...& lol...your poor friend!!!

ClapSo said...

Love your blog! Great photos. I'm glad little indian turned me on to this blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

The scientifically impossible I do right away
The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

Bendtherulz said...

@ Kalyan - Thanks !
@ Clapso - I am deeply touched. Will be coming over to visit your blog very soon....just too much happening right now !!