Thursday, June 21, 2007

Destination - Mukteshwar , Uttranchal

* This time of the year - Mountains get lots of rains. You can see clouds hanging and floating....the scene is magical ....

* I like to stay in the cottage, reason if you look directly down from cottage - there is a small school . I see the entire proceeding of kids coming in using different mode of transport - some come walking/ some get dropped in a van or jeep...etc....and then they sing hymns/ prayers -all this makes me so nostalgic......
* View from the cottage ~


somepinkflowers said...

~~~wonderful, wonderful~~~

i do not think of it
as being in the rain;
i think of it
as Being In The Clouds!

i would go there in a heart beat!

thanks for sharing.


Cuckoo said...

It is so fascinating to touch & feel the clouds & being in them.

Do you remember my dream seq ? loll..

Kalyan said...

And the colours of the mountains change so much during the rainy season, which gives it a completely different appearance, which is very beautiful & with the clouds hanging around it is a breathtaking experience. And yes the hymns/prayers gives me also a nostalgic feeling. I remember some time back in Tawang I had similar experiences. There was a school in the backyard where we stayed & it was such a nice feeling when the kids sang our National Anthem even in that remote part of the country.
Some well captured shots too...stay well!

Barbara said...

As usual, I love all your pics. Glad you like my garden still.

Bendtherulz said...

Somepinkflowers - Thanks so much and yeah I am missing the place so much... :(

Cuckoo - yeah I do...and know what you mean...! Hope work load is not much.

Kalyan - you just said it buddy.. !

Very much so Barbara - In fact the sunset pic which you have posted on the main page - its so beautiful...!