Thursday, June 07, 2007

My personal fav pics :-)

* Blending with background :)

* Arch View ...rofl .... :-)

* Walking the ramp.... oh la la....!
Ending the series of heritage walk with these pics... ROFL.... thanks everyone for all your appreciation - shukraan !!
Finally - I am heading towards Himalaya for long all geared up (yippie...)! Hope all of you stay well and 'njoy your weekend !!


Raghu Ram Prasad said...

What a lovely photographs with cute goats playing with their mates........

Merisi said...

Love those goats!

Have a great trip, I am looking forward to more favulous pics.
Stay safe,
hug from Vienna,

Kalyan said... are just luring us & oh la la that were some nice shots, very interesting walk on the ramp. Thanks for sharing all the heritage pics. Have a nice weekend in the heart of nature.

Ash said...

Very nice!!
My fave is the second one.

Sigma said...

Ha ha! Wonderful photos, and amazing captions!
Himalayas .... how do I envy you ....

Cuckoo said...

ROFL !!!

Nice pictures and very apt captions !!

Hmmm Himalayas....

When do I stop envying you ??

little indian said...

Ramp indeed. :) Very trendy.