Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kamali ....???

* Kamali - considering that city hosted the Nigah Queer fest( www.thequeerfest.com) last week - it seems strange coincidence that I am talking about Kamali. Not much has been written about this person and so much is shrouded in mystery. Some say that he was disciple of Jamali , other believe that he was brother.
Some also believe that he was partner of Jamali. Its not an unlikely assumption , Kamali's cenotaph side by side with Jamali - little bit lower platform and not centrally located though, confirms that K played a major part in life of J to get that type of notice.

I think its all about perspective and freedom of choice.

* This one for Lord Metcalfe - he was the first entrepreneur - who loved the Islamic buildings that he made his country residence from a "Tomb" which was originally made for Quli Khan ( Mughal Emperor Akbar's foster brother) and was also called as Dilkusha. Now seeing such beautiful building as residence - people must have started to invite themselves to such splendor - which might have not suited to Lord M - so he got the idea to build a Guesthouse and charge people.....now that I would call serious biz skills.....btw - this guesthouse also had the private pool as well.....!! Talk about Top class service provider.... :-)

* Lastly for Lord Loony ( sorry guys not sure of his full name will update later) and just in case you are sceptics that I am making this up - he was called as "Loony Saheb" - Talk about living life flamboyantly - Loony Saheb use to love walking wearing a very long Mughal robe ( as befits the emperor - with all the diamonds and jewels hanging....!!) and slaves would be bearing the hem of the robe....! Yeah Dilli ki galiyaan....!
And he had 13 Indian wives ( Rolling my eyes...)
PS - My companion commented that " oh how much I would love to be born in that era.....I said sure.....why ?? just to pluck those jewels..... :-)


Ash said...

Beautiful flowers...very pretty!

StandbyMind said...

And..awesome comment back on the blog..
lol thanx for the visit!

Sigma said...

Interesting series! Keep it up!!
And lovely, lovely flowers? Where are pics from?

Alicia said...

love the flowers (: interestingly shaped. haha.

Princess Banter said...

Those are lovely flowers! Could've sworn they were fake ;)

Kalyan said...

I am perhaps happy with this era only , if this kind of 'jewel' photographs come along...Speechless shots!

Thanks for all the amazing descriptions as well as the beautiful shots...stay well!

Merisi said...

Such interesting stories, and then those Dahlias, real jewel colours!
They grow well in Austrian gardens, too.

somepinkflowers said...


i just popped over here from
merisi's blog
and what do i find?

your interesting blog with wonderful pink flowers today!
well done!

i was MEANT to see these!
thanks for sharing..
i will be back to enjoy more...


Bendtherulz said...

Thanks all :-)

@ Ash - :) Thx
@ Standbymind - lol :), beside that it was quite fun to read !!
@ Sigma - Thx - From Panipat ( quite apt...would you say as battle of panipat was fought to establish the Mughal rule)
@ Alicia -Thx :)
@Princess - Thx for your visit again - they are real :)
@ Kalyan - Thx Buddy , yeah probably true !!
@ Merisi - You will be surprised the way Dahlia grow in our world and all sort of colors - though I have to admit even I was amazed at those jewel colors.
@ Somepinkflowers - Thanks for your visit - Merisi is one big inspiration, so your kind comments are so much appreciated ! I am touched.

Cuckoo said...

Hey BTR !!!

How're you doing? Nice lovely pictures...

I am in the middle of two trips and thought of hopping in here ;)