Monday, June 18, 2007

Moody Blues

Back and already regretting and in denial mode... :(

Secondly, learnt how to sleep with eyes wide open....rofl.... :-)


Sigma said...

Good to see you back ... but for how long ? ;-)
Lovely flowers .... beautiful!

Bendtherulz said...

Good ? lol...this weekend I am here next weekend I am again off - this time to Himachal , you are most welcome to join...dates would be 28/29/30jun/1st july.

Merisi said...

"Already regretting" implies that you had a choice. ;-)
I shall not worry about you too much, seeing that you're already getting ready for the next grande escape. :-)

Ash said...

Beautiful flowers!

Bendtherulz said...

Merisi - Yeah , I was quite keen to take up farming ( that would be my choice) and yeah even I am excited to think about my next escape.... :-)

Thanks Ash !!

Kalyan said...

'denial mode', 'sleep with eyes wide open'....some suspense thriller???
or can we have some light from the window!
Beautifully captured flowers as always!

little indian said...


Lovely photos as always.
You love flowers don't you?
Looks like Hydrangia blue mopheads, are they?

Where abouts did you go?
Valley of Flowers by any chance?

Bendtherulz said...

Kalyan - Thanks , and no suspense :)....whenever I come back to city, somehow I just try to keep the images of mountains in my mind till I can -so thats my denial the moment I came back I had to attend some seminar & was so tired, slept in middle of lecture... ( with my eyes open :-)

Lil Indian - Thanks so much and yeah - I do ( now) and they are indeed Hydrangea.
This time I was in Mukteshwar ( My family says - Mulla ki dod masjid tak aur meri Mukti tak

Valley of Flowers will be in August end - we want to see all the flowers blooming...!
You have been there...??? No you were not able to reach...Right !!

little indian said...

I've been to Valley of Flowers.
I think it was in September of 82.
The flowers were starting to wilt.
At that time did not appreciate flowers.

If you go upto Hemkund, you will get the 'Bramha-Kamal's. They are gorgeous to look at, but smells horrible. :)

Bendtherulz said...

Oh you were able to reach there I thought otherwise.
Another common link - even I have just now started to appreciate
I made my journey to VOF in August 99 - I think - we got there, hardle spent any time , and had to rush back as land slides were happening in the reserve...yikes..and finally got stranded for 2 days , had to earn our FOOD by working in a roadside I can laugh - that time I was not that amused...

Braham Kamal...kk will post those pics for

and lastly , nah - can't see any id while rcving your message... :-)

indicaspecies said...

Wow traveller, you are having wonderful trips.
I almost decided on Valley of Flowers and finally settled for Leh, Ladakh.
Moody blues is a lovely title for the blue Hydrangeas. Beautiful pictures splashed all over your blog :)